Trecy & Aimé Beurt

Trecy & Aimé Beurt

3. Februar 2017 0

His passion for Kizomba started in Paris, where he was able to learn this dance with the best teachers of the french capital.

5 years ago he moved to Luxembourg, a country where the quarter of the population is portuguese-speaking.
It was there where he really learned to appreciate the culture and the dance.

The fact that he travels a lot, made that his conception of Kizomba is very large.

His own style is a result of having lessons with different teachers and the travelling around the world.

Nowadays he is a well-known teacher in Luxembourg and the neighbouring countries.


Since her childhood, she loves the african culture and especially the african dances.
In Portugal she had the first experience with Kizomba music and dance.
She simply fell in love with it.
After moving to Luxembourg her interest in learning that dance started to grow.
At the beginning she had a lot of hesitations, but then she decided to take classes with Aimé.
She became one of his best students and she had the style that completed his dance style.
So at the beginning of 2015 they started to teach together, in Luxembourg.