Doumb & Berenice

Doumb & Berenice

15. April 2016 0

Doumb & Berenice (France) – confirmed 2016

Passionate, Doumb, is a professor of Latin and Afro-Caribbean since 2002 and professor of KIZOMBA since 2009. Simple and accessible, it is recognized and appreciated for its originality, technical precision and his fluid and sensual style (STYLE SUAVE).

Initially specializing in martial arts, he has to his credit ten years Tae-Kwon-Do and over 20 years Kyok Soul (Korean martial art north). Black belt 4th Dan, he taught for over 16 years.

Borrowing a Afro-Caribbean culture that has always bathed since his childhood in the rhythms and musical sounds, it is natural that he directs his teaching Latin dances to martial arts keeping the rigor and technical precision it now combines body expression in the service of a swirling and intoxicating music.

Precursor, he introduces the Puerto Rican Salsa and Kizomba in Bordeaux (France), which since enjoyed unprecedented popularity.

An excellent teacher, he offers a specific program based on progressive methodological and learning in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.